A Refreshing Guide to Bar Etiquette

Guide to Bar Etiquette

Bar etiquette is a set of rules that dictate how to behave at a bar. It does not just include how to politely order drinks, it also covers how to talk to people, understanding who pays for what, and knowing how to act while drinking. It is important to know these rules to avoid unnecessary conflict with other patrons and creating problems at the bar.

The pandemic has led to a significant reduction in the number of people out and about in bars. It’s difficult to remember bar etiquette when catching up with old friends, so here are some tips to use when bar-hopping.

5 Things You Should Do

Practice Common Courtesy

It’s discourteous to come off as a pushy, entitled person. One of the best ways to avoid appearing boorish is to use proper etiquette and manners when ordering and receiving drinks. Always use “please” and “thank-you” when ordering or accepting drinks from the bartender or server.

This will not only help maintain good relations with everyone, but it will also show respect for the job they do. Bartenders and servers work hard and often have to put up with rude people; they deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

Learn How to Order Shots

There is a general and accepted rule for ordering shots: order them all the same and at the same time. Ordering different shots or ordering shots at random times throughout the evening can be overwhelming for the server and awkward and irritating for everyone in a group. When ordering shots, it’s important for the server to understand the group’s preferences.

Don’t Procrastinate When it Comes to Paying

Please have money ready when ordering drinks. Bar etiquette is more than just showing up with friends and ordering drinks. It’s also is about paying for orders quickly. Since it’s not uncommon for a few people to show up at a bar with friends and order drinks without having enough cash, paying quickly is an important part of bar etiquette.

Put It on a Tab

Don’t use credit cards or debit cards multiple times. It’s not polite for someone to keep swiping their credit card in order to get more drinks. It’s more convenient for the bartender that bar patrons put their card on a tab instead of swiping it multiple times.

Know How to Act

When out for drinks at a bar, it’s important to know how to act like an adult. Avoid drinking too fast, forgetting to be polite, drinking too much, teasing and taunting people mercilessly, and not tipping properly.

5 Things You Should Not Do

Never Leave Drinks Unattended at the Bar

Leaving a drink unattended at the bar can often cause problems. This is because someone can accidentally knock it off the counter. Or it could be accidentally taken away by someone else mistaking it for their own drink. It is best to leave a drink with a friend to watch over if leaving for the restroom.

Refrain From Complaining to the Bartender

When someone comes up to the bar and starts complaining about how expensive their drink is or about some problem with their drink, this immediately puts the bartender on the defense. It could also rile up other customers to take sides. If overcharged or served the wrong drink, politely discuss the mistakes with the bartender.

Alcohol-Free Beverages Are Not Always Free

A common misconception is that soft drinks are always free in a bar. This is not always true. If ordering a soft drink, be prepared to pay for it.

Some establishments offer free soft drinks to encourage designated drivers to stay sober. Other establishments don’t believe in offering free drinks on the house.

Avoid Asking the Bartender to Look After Personal Items

When a bar is busy, it’s difficult to find a safe place to put belongings. Keeping them behind the bar forces the frantically busy bartender to assume responsibility if they get damaged or stolen. It’s best to leave valuables in the car.

Be a Good Guest and Don’t Order Drinks From the Bar Back

Ordering drinks from the bar back is considered one of the most common etiquette faux pas because it interrupts the bartenders’ productivity. Not only does ordering a drink from a passing bar back slow down service for other customers, but it also makes servers look as if they can’t keep up with the pace of their job.

When going out, it is important to clearly understand bar etiquette. Knowing what to do helps create a pleasant and comfortable outing with friends. Bars and clubs are a great way to relax and socialize, but when people flaunt etiquette, either out of ignorance or disdain for social rules, it can lead to conflicts, disagreements, arguments, and even fights. Keep these things in mind the next time you visit your favorite rooftop bar in Sydney.

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