Tech Support Outsourcing to the Philippines

Tech Support Outsourcing to the Philippines

Outsourcing is traditionally associated with call centres. While outsourcing, as a concept rather than a term, dates to the very beginnings of business, it was call centre outsourcing that first gained traction and gained widespread attention. Today almost any part of a business can be successfully outsourced and one of the current growth areas is the use of tech support providers in the Philippines.

Modern outsourcing first took off with the use of call centres, usually for customer support. Its initial growth was, largely, driven by cost savings. Using offshore sites meant labour was significantly cheaper. More recently, emphasis has been given to quality. Low-cost centres frequently proved to be a false economy because of the negative impact it had on customer experience.

This change helped propel offshore contact centre outsourcing to the Philippines to become one of the most popular outsourcing options. The highly educated and English fluent nation was a natural provider for anglophone nations, especially Australia, where the convenience of time zones meant operators could attract the best staff to work on Australian contracts.

This quality has, in turn, increased the range of services that businesses look to outsource. When high quality is achieved while still saving around 50%, why limit it just to customer services? When combined with advances in technology and connectivity, tech support outsourcing has become an increasingly popular service.

Industry-leading tech support providers in the Philippines offer award-winning services. The old model of tech support was very much centred around in-person provision. In-house support was easily possible because most of the IT was physically in-house. And for both in-house and customer support, the problems were often physical too, whether it was a networking problem or a fault, they could not be addressed remotely.

“Today’s IT has changed significantly. With software-as-a-service models, high-speed networks installed in homes, and increasing levels of remote working, the problems are almost always software related. And because of that, issues can often be fixed remotely, either directly with cloud services or via remote access to a user’s machine or hardware.

The nature of IT support has changed with the technology. Once IT specialists would focus on particular areas. A typical IT team might contain people who worked on the network, those who maintained the servers, and those who dealt with users. The integrated nature of todays applications and workings mean IT support needs to be able to do almost anything,” says Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global, an award-winning tech support provider in the Philippines.

Using remote tech support services in the Philippines helps fill that need. Premier providers such as PITON-Global in Manila will have support agents that work with AI assistants that can use voice-recognition to prompt with questions and solutions, helping the agent and customer quickly solve a problem, and providing ready access to all the relevant information.

A large number of Fortune 500 corporations now use tech support companies in the Philippines, creating an experienced and expert workforce. And, unlike in-house support, using outsourcing makes it easier to maintain round-the-clock availability, helping to provide a flexible solution to flexible, remote working. Each day more companies are joining them to find that the Philippines offers high-quality, cost-effective tech support provision.

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