3 Reasons Your Warehouse Needs Ride-On Sweepers

Warehouse Needs Ride-On Sweepers

If your business operates in a warehouse, you certainly won’t need anybody to tell you how difficult it is to keep the floor clean, tidy, sterile, and free of potential hazards.

It’s all well and good sending your cleaning staff in to sweep up manually at the end of a long shift, but warehouses often have vast floorspaces and sweeping up manually can take an age, not to mention the fact that it can be dangerous as well.

Your solution is either to hire more cleaning staff, spend more on their wages and cleaning equipment, and put them at risk, or you can do what thousands of other warehouse-based businesses have done, and invest in ride-on sweepers.

Ride-on sweepers  are like the sit-on lawnmower of the floor sweeping world. These devices are easy to operate, incredibly efficient, and provide a wide range of floor sweeping advantages that a regular dustpan and sweeping brush just wouldn’t give you.

Here’s a look at 3 reasons your warehouse needs ride-on sweepers.

Save Time

First and foremost, one of the main reasons why we’ve seen such a sharp increase in the amount of ride-on floor sweepers being sold to businesses with warehouses is due to their time-saving abilities.

Industrial floor sweepers are motorized and feature powerful motorized cleaning brushes which sweep up dirt, dust, and debris from the floor in seconds. Due to their large size and powerful motor they can cover large distances much faster than sweeping up manually.

By sweeping the floors with a ride-on floor sweeper you can sweep your entire warehouse floor in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do it manually.

More Efficient

Ride-on sweepers are also more efficient than sweeping a floor manually.

These fantastic machines feature powerful motorized sweeping brushes on either side that are able to collect more dust, debris, and dirt, than a regular sweeping brush. They also feature large, easy-to-empty debris containers and easy-to-clean dust filtration systems which help to remove agitated dust particles from the air and help purify it.

Not only will they remove more dirt, dust, and debris, they’ll also leave your floors looking cleaner as well, which is great for your overall business image.

More Economical

In business, time is money, and the longer it takes for your cleaners to sweep your warehouse floor, the more it will cost you.

Not only do you need to spend more on their hourly wages, but for larger floor spaces you’ll need to employ more cleaning staff as well, which again means more money spend on wages.

With ride-on sweepers, one operator can sweep vast floor spaces in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. This means you’ll spend less on hourly wages, and on cleaning staff in general.

Ride-on sweepers are like the sit-on lawnmower of the floor sweeping world. Sweepers should be one space distance: Ride-on sweepers are like the sit-on lawnmower of the floor sweeping world.

You will also find that ride-on floor sweepers are priced very reasonably, and you’ll quickly realize that they soon pay for themselves.

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